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I joined a great online website last year called Health Tap.  It is a forum where people can ask questions and physicians offer answers, solutions and advice. I received the I 'Heart' My Doc Award for being recognized by a patient for...

The diagnosis and treatment of various sleep disorders is a personal passion of mine.  One important factor that often gets overlooked when it some to sleep and various sleep disorders is proper sleep hygiene.  For some people, falling asleep...

Dr. Ibrahim wrote a piece on 02-13-2012 about Del Sleep, sleep, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, Beebe, OSA, sleep apnea, RLS, Restless Leggs Syndrome, Narcolepsy.

I wanted to update all my patients, possible future patients and colleagues that I will officially be reading sleep studies with Delaware Sleep Disorder Center (Del Sleep) located at the Beebe Health Campus in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.  Del...

Authors:  Sherin M. Ibrahim, DO; Stephen Lund, MD; Jon Freeman, PhD

Previous research has  demonstrated a  strong  relationship between a decline in


Co-Authored By: Matthew D. Epstein, MD, Leopoldo N. Segal, MD, Sherin M. Ibrahim, DO, Neil Friedman, RN, RPSGT, Rami Bustami, PhD

Obstructive sleep apnea is associated with...

Dr. Ibrahim wrote a piece on 08-4-2011 about sleep, twitch, falling asleep, sleep deprived, REM sleep, trouble sleeping.

I was asked by a patient why they twitch at night as they are falling asleep.  I assured them that they are not alone as this often happens to many of us during the initiation of sleep.  The falling sensation or twitch is known as a hypnagogic...

Today I was thinking about various factors that effect our sleep.  I was thinking about the implications of modern technology, a fast paced society and high standards of living.  In terms of modern technology, access to the world wide web has...